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Tom Canning


Stories are a fundamental device by which we learn about and come to understand ourselves. As such, they're the best way we have of communicating ideas. 

A good story, well told, will not just connect and engage the audience, but can change the way they view the world. Stories can convey complex ideas simply, directly, and indelibly.

However, knowing how stories work, how they're structured, and the dynamics involved achieves little if we don't first know our audience. The audience defines a story.

I write pitches, copy and scripts for the documentaries, commercials and branded content I direct, but also drama scripts and prose.

I've written three short drama scripts so far. One is now an award winning film, the other two have won awards in their script form and will soon be going into production.


I am writing the first of several feature scripts; each of varying budgets and complexity.

Scripts and excerpts can be viewed via the links below:

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